The Pleasure of First Class


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Redefining what premium stands for in the luxury people mover market, the Granvia is designed to provide an exceptional transportation space that addresses the growing demand for high-end shuttles

The new vehicle’s elegant design, luxurious interior, powerful engine, and advanced safety features enable customers to travel in optimal comfort while enjoying total peace of mind.

A High-End Luxury Lounge

The high-end model GRANVIA inherits the HIACE heritage built over many long years. Its relaxing, elegant interior space, nestled within the gorgeous exterior, invites you to a new experience of pure delight and unmatched comfort.

Well-Appointed Amenities for Great Experiences

Aiming for a more pleasant experience during travel. All of the easy to use, high-quality equipment enhances the comfort of passengers.

Welcome to an Exclusive Elegant Sanctuary

The beautiful interior excludes a feeling of hospitality, enveloping passengers in peaceful privacy akin to being in their own room.

Other Features

Its muscular shape is defined by sweeping curves and chiseled surfaces.